We are a committed group of volunteers working to secure the present and future excellence of the Library.

Visionary leaders of Allen created the Allen Library Endowment Fund (ALEF) to increase its long-term financial strength. As such, the investment portfolio of the Fund is managed for long term-growth and income.

Each year the Library attracts hundreds of new residents and creates many new programs for the enrichment of our growing community. The Library’s role as a vital, widely-used resource continues to grow.  With reductions in state and federal funding, the Endowment Fund’s fundraising efforts have become even more critical to the continued excellence of the Library.

The mission of our volunteers is to give the community something of lasting value in the form of access to diverse information, lifelong learning, meeting spaces, a great repository of knowledge and a broad variety of educational resources.

The ALEF board has established a policy to fund projects and activities to promote Allen Public Library. Click Here to get more information.